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Arrested for blogging

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Freedom, what a little word. I like this word, freedom, a word that is starting to mean nothing at all in some parts of the world. Maybe soon it will mean nothing everywhere.
In Malaysia it means even less than in Europe –but that could change soon- as blogger Syed Abdullah Syed Hussein Al-Attas found out last Wednesday when he was detained at a toll station in central Negeri Sembilan state after police reports were filed against him for allegedly insulting the sultan of southern Johor state in his postings. It is a crime to insult the Malaysia royals, who are widely revered especially among the Muslim Malay majority, and the Johor police said that Mr Syed, who blogs under the name “Uncle Seekers”, was detained along with a 26-year-old woman, and is being investigated under the Official Secrets Act for revealing secret information. If convicted he could face a maximum penalty of seven years in prison.
The Paris-based group Rights group Reporters Without Borders has condemned Mr Syed Abdullah's arrest, saying it was "very disturbed" by it all. in a statement that came out on Thursday the group said, "Syed Abdullah's arrest is unacceptable. Government officials should not, under any circumstances, be able to use state secrets as a pretext for putting themselves above the law and flouting the fundamental right to information.”
Despite occasional raids and bans and criticism from the government, the web and online media in Malaysia have remained relatively free despite, but we’re all aware that those in power can change the law whenever it pleases them, and internet freedom is something that world governments would love to end.
Malaysia has nine sultans, who are the royal rulers and guardians of Islam in their respective states. Under a unique rotating monarchy, they each take turns to rule for five years as the nation's king.

To read more about this check  Syed’s blog at

Johor royalty vs blogger: Why use OSA?

VOXPOP 'If the documents are false, then it is slander and action can be taken. If they are true, then it is a sad day for the monarchy.'

Blogger held under OSA over articles against Johor sultan

Anonymous #19098644: If blogger Syed Abdullah Hussein Al-Attas' claims are false, then why are the authorities using the Official Secrets Act (OSA) against him?

What is so secret about the documents? Indeed, are they true or false?

If they are false, then it is slander and action can be taken. If they are true, then it is a sad day for the monarchy and its members.

Indeed, all citizens of Malaysia are equal before the eyes of the law. Are the authorities saying that there is one law for the people and another for the monarchy?

YF: Prior to Merdeka, it was the Malay political writers of the time who had helped create the awareness of independence from the colonisation of the ‘mat sallehs'.

Most of these writers were persecuted. Now the same is happening, only this time it's the Malays who are persecuting their own. What has become of this country?

Sa Tombs: Everything that is not to the liking of the establishment is classified OSA.

All that this government, and anyone connected with them, want is apple polishing and you will be alright. Otherwise, you will be charged.

Mob1900: By making the arrests using OSA, they have removed any doubt on the credibility of the blogger's writings.

Lim Chong Leong: The police claimed that "the articles he (Syed Abdullah) posted in his blog Uncleseekers contain provocation, sedition and insulting content against the Johor ruler Sultan Ibrahim Ibni Almarhum Sultan Iskandar, the crown prince, leaders and state government employees. The blog also published confidential documents."

From the statement made by the police, it looks like the so-called confidential documents are only ancillary to the issue.

Not Confused: You can arrest and lock up people for what they say or write, but you can't lock up what they and the rest of us are thinking... at least not yet!

Makorang: I took two days to read all the 64 parts in the Uncleseekers blog. There is nothing that I have not heard through the gossip channels, but I think this is the first time somebody took the trouble to write it down.

I hope he will be given his day in court.

Cantabrigian: The best way to confirm the truth is by doing everything necessary to conceal it.

Not Confused: Oh please, give us a break. Ban this book, ban that book. These Islamic Development Department (Jakim) officials obviously have nothing else better to do than stifle discussion and sterilise the thinking and debate on important subjects.

These Orwelian ideas show just how backward and insidious Jakim and the like are in our modern society. Book burning has been a precursor to the fall of so many dictatorial regimes - BN should take serious note.

Victor Johan: It looks like PM Najib Razak has not learned to look before he takes the leap.

All his life, he never walked on his own with his own two feet. He has never learned to look left, right and left again before crossing the road. He always held the hand of others to cross, with his eyes shut.

And this 'handicap' he inculcated continues to be with him to this day, twice married and lots of children, and flings.

Anonymous #19098644: Jakim and Jais (Selangor Islamic Affairs Department) are in control by the reactionary right-wing extremist of the Hasan Ali's ilk, aided and abetted by Umno.

A campaign to lodge police reports and take legal action against this lawless hoodlums who attack anyone who can think should be launched.

We must support our local writers and artists and remove these self-serving idiots.

Undaunted OWC releases new sex guide

Anonymous_3f68: A wife is not a sexual tool to be manipulated by God or for that matter deviant ulamas and husbands.

The self-esteem and respectability of a man can only be earned if he does not stray into the realms of temptation and stay on course, and not act like a pig in heat forever demanding sexual favours. In the absence of which, women are derided and defiled.

Kbe: The Obedient Wives Club (OWC) always provides good comedy break in the midst of the serious (and gutter) politics in the country.

Chiabee2: They are so obsessed with sex that nothing else matters, not even corruption, crimes, human rights, poverty, the environment, etc. Heck even a political party is helm by a ‘porn star'.

Lim Ah Kow: I wonder why the police did not call up its spokeswoman to question OWC's motives.

The police should also investigate its members whether they are indulging into oral sex, anal sex, group sex, pegging, cunnilingus, fingering, and object insertion in which our government is passionately against and these acts are punishable by laws.

The police should also check whether they are into organised sexual activities.

Alex M: I did not read this article, but just wish to marry her instead.

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